en route to france


When we left on Saturday morning all i could think was “oh my god. Lil ol me, tiffany, from okla-freaking-homa is GOING TO FRANCE”. And with that, we stuffed doris’ rockin VW Golf with an assortment of bags and suitcases and headed on our way to Saint Laurent Sur Mer. and yes the ride was smooth. For those of you who read my last post, you know Doris’ driving can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Literally. Like my stomach and head feel a lil wonky after stepping out of her vehicle. Hahaha i’m kidding, i’m kidding….

But yea it was fine! Once she hits that highway she’s gr9. I think it’s the stop and start of traffic signals and traffic in general that causes the stopping and starting that in turn causes that “huhh-aghgh” feeling, hahaha. And to be honest, Doris is a bit of a speeder which i totally do not mind at all. Although, for those of you reading, for your personal safety i will quote Ms. Michelle Nisbett:”don’t drive faster than your angel can fly” (sending love to Ms. Nisbett in oklahoma city!).

Anyways, we crossed the border into Belgium and then into France. After many, many toll stops in France (like, i think it totaled something near 40€) we arrIIIVVED IN NORMANDIE.

It was so picturesque. Like think of a rustic, farm house Food Network kitchen…do you understand the aesthetic i’m thinking of? I don’t think you do. Here are google images of a “rustic” kitchen.

french country rustic kitchen.jpg

french rustic kitchen.jpg

Now take that, subtract the amenities the 21st century gave it, tone it down a few thousand dollars, and imagine an entire town with that aesthetic. Like the streets are narrow and there are no traffic signals and every building is made of stone. There is no ”exposed brick” here. Literally everything is exposed stone.

and so we keep driving through these streets and eventually turn into an ammmzzziiinggg farm house. It’s rustic and beautiful and so french it could’ve been the home the 100 Foot Journey restaurant was filmed at.

After all the “bonjour”’s and what not we go in to sit down to MY FIRST FRENCH MEAL EVER. lemme tell you. It was pretty freakin french. Hahaha we had omelettes, pieces of baguette, and fancy cheeses that was were a little soft and that you had to cut with a knife. TELL ME THAT’S NOT AN UBER FRENCH MEAL. like guys. They had cheese that didn’t come in packaged plastic.

So yea the meal was basically A++ and afterwards they showed me to my room/options for rooms.

*interjection* I like to not have expectations so that i’m never disappointed (especially this year) and so far it’s worked quite well! I am nothing but elated and very grateful for everything i experience. *end interjection*

So i was lowkey ready to accept sharing a room and possibly sharing a bed with Doris, because ya know, no expectations.

BUT THEN Marie-Noelle comes through and shows me 3 rooms that i can choose from to be my bedroom on one side of the 2nd story house while Doris is on the other side getting settled into her regular room. So basically i get to choose which of 4 beds i would like to sleep on…YEA. I KNOW. hahahah i do choose the one that they had originally had planned for me to stay in. (btw i am still so happy and grateful that life turned out this way). Also, one of those rooms is my parlor/salon/living room. Yea. I KNOW. Anyways, it is a little scary being in my own “wing” but only because i’m paranoid and the house is traditional looking (perfect setting for a scary movie).

Here are some pictures i took on the way over!

Marie-Noelle and Daniel’s Home (where we’re staying at)
a cute town i saw while driving by


Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!


P.S. do you think i can put footnotes in here? ¹

P.P.S. Enjoy your day and check back tomorrow for my next blog post! That i will actually post. Because i’m doing that now.²

¹ I dunno but i’m gonna do it.



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    Enjoy your trip!

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