Port en Bessin


when i woke up this morning, i literally reenacted that typical movie scene where the protagonist stretches their arms up and giddily smiles because they know it’s gonna be a great day. yea i totally did that. and in my head all i could think was “AHHHHHH I’M IN FRANCE RIGHT NOW”. but like 2 octaves higher than how you’re reading it in your head.

after i had my movie moment, i got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast included a baguette, butter, various marmalades, and honey. But the food wasn’t just bought from the supermarket like you might imagine. Everything was hand/homemade. Everything. SO the baguette was dropped off that morning by the local baker (they literally have a bread box underneath their mail box so they can have 2 fresh baguettes delivered every morning), the handmade butter was bought from a farmer in the next town over, the homemade plum and kiwi marmalades were made by Marie-Noelle with fruits she picked from the garden, and the homemade honey was harvested by Marie-Noelle and Daniel from the bees they have in their garden.

yeaaa so like it’s casual and whatevs…

hahaha no i’m kidding. it’s totally not casual to me and i love it!

After breakfast, I went to the Port en Bessin market and it was so perfect. i can’t even describe the atmosphere and my feelings of giddiness. so you can look at my pictures and just imagine me smiling SO HARD as you look at them.

when we returned home for lunch, we had a roasted chicken. But it wasn’t normal chicken. this is #frenchfarmlife so obviously it was special. this means that the chicken was homegrown on the farm and slaughtered that morning just for lunch that day.

yeaaa so like it’s casual and whatevs…

haha no it’s still totally, totally not casual to me.

After lunch we headed back out to Omaha beach and to visit the WWII memorial. it was beautiful and poignant and i felt lucky to be standing on such historical grounds.

It was also there that I heard the most english i’ve heard in awhile. To be specific, the southern American accent. and it was more comforting to hear than you can imagine…for example, I offered to take a photo for a couple and the woman answered,”well thank ya darlin’, my selfie taking skills need a little bit of help.” and i internally smiled so hard because oh my, have i missed hearing colloquial language like that hahaha.

On a different but related note: a thought that kept running in my head was that Omaha beach is basically just lake eufala in oklahoma. but like bigger. and connected to france. and also connected to the english channel. besides those technical details though it’s totally,  essentially the same.

also, for dinner, we had cantaloupe, baguette, and cheese. and that was it. really. i kinda just laughed in my head out of surprise when i went into the kitchen to find 1/4 of a melon on everybody’s plate.

and that concludes my first entire day here in Normandie, France.

Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!




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  1. Christine says:

    WOW, it’s better than Airbnb!


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