Mont Saint-Michel (aka Holy Alcatraz)


today is the day i saw Holy Alcatraz.

are you confused? good.

Holy Alcatraz is what i have renamed the Mont Saint-Michel.

i honestly had never heard of this place prior to coming to Normandie so it was fun learning about history as i was standing on top of it.

and if you haven’t heard about it either: It’s an abbey set on the top of a mountain with an entire town surrounding the mountain base. and depending on the tide of the English Channel, the mountain may or may not be surrounded by water.

Yea, it’s as hardcore as it sounds.

With that said, ohmygod it was so amazing to even approach the mountain and see the twisty turny roads that led up to the church, to explore the huuugggee church and tiny town, and to imagine all that had been there over one thousand years before.

The abbey in itself was really somethin else, not to mention that it was built on top of a mountain, making this entire city quite literally set on a hill (or mountain if you wanna get technical). I got to stand on the spot where the peak of the mountain is and felt, in the very depths of my heart, the religious fervor that drove monks to build this church in honor of the archangel Micheal.

…okay so like not reeallyyyy, but in my head i was definitely thinking about the sacrifice and dedication it took for men and women to devote their lives to this one mission.

and now you can take a miniature piece of that sacrifice home with you for 19€ in any one of the multiple souvenir shops at the base of the mountain! (a little pricey to me, but who’s to judge the upselling of tchotchkes…God? hahahaha i’m sorry, i’ll stop).

but really truly, it was powerful and breathtaking and i felt so lucky to be there in person.

Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!



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