!!! i finally ate some macarons


This morning I went on a lil hike in Port en Bessin and snapped some perfectly picturesque pictures of the French countryside (pictures to come later).

In the afternoon Doris and I visited Arromanches AND I BOUGHT CUTE MACAROOOOONNSSSS. YAYYYYEEAA. I bought blue (mint) and pink (passion fruit) macarons and they matched my scarf and it was a beautiful moment…right before i DEMOLISHED them. (and they tasted just as good as they looked.)

Later in the evening, Doris and I saw the tapestry show. (yes, the one we tried to go see on October 13th). it was quite the story of William the Conqueror and his journey. To be honest, i found the projections and light show more interesting than the tapestry subject matter (which is saying something because everybody else in the cathedral was pretty enraptured by the beautiful tapestry show). but ya know, somebody worked really hard to make that projection design and i thought they should get some appreciation.

i took video of it, so you can see what i’m talking about. the video will be posted sometime in the future…when i have better internet connectivity…

but YES it was a lovely, lovely, show and it was a great, great, day.


Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!



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