lunch with the locals and visiting a 1000+ year old cathedral

i know soooo many of you anxiously sit there, waiting for me to publish my daily post (@my mother). so i apologize for not posting yesterday. but lemme tell ya, i wasn’t feelin it. therefore, i didn’t.

Basically, I wanna catch up on writing posts so that I can actually write about the day I experienced the same day I experienced it. SO I’m gonna post all of my October 13th-16th recaps today. Sorry if that messes up the fabric of time and space and whatnot.


Doris, Daniel, and I went to lunch at this cafe on the corner of a roundabout (yea go ahead and just think about that). It’s frequented by the locals and the tourists because of it’s location near Omaha Beach and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. The front of the cafe looks like a normal restaurant with a bar at one side of the dining area.

However, when you walk through this one doorway in the back, suddenly you enter a Narnia of sorts. It’s just like…this second entire dining area that has more of a cafeteria feel…and everybody eating there is just dropping in for lunch with their buds at their favorite local cafe. It was so underground and I felt like such a ~~local~~  when I sat down and ate THAT GOOD NORMANDIE SEAFOOD GUURRLLL. honestly, i was over here throwin back the shrimp and tuna like there was no tomorrow. hahaha and the whole lunch was styled like this: appetizer buffet, main entree (that you order), cheese plate, dessert buffet. So I started really strong with that appetizer buffet, you know? i actually tried to try everything and it waS SOooOO GOOD.

it nourished my soul.

i felt the French cuisine in my heart.

haha and then i had my entree (a thick slice of ham and fries), passed on the cheese, and went for that dessert. I got a lemon curd tart and a chocolate mousse. both of which were deeeeelicious. By the end of the meal i was stuffed. literally. i didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day. It was such a good meal, i’m gonna associate my fond memories of French cuisine with that meal.

ALSO, Doris and I went to the Bayeux Notre-Dame Cathedral (consecrated on July 14 1077) to see a viewing of a 1000+ year old tapestry, but the viewing was moved to 2 hours later. sooo we didn’t see it today. but we did explore the cathedral itself and ohmygod it was amazing. the architecture was amazing and all of the stonework was super detailed and the stained glass was beautiful and it was huge and…and…and…

but as great as i thought it was, you know what TripAdvisor thinks it’s worth? 4.5 stars…so i guess you can’t please ’em all. even at the Notre-Dame. in a church consecrated by the very first King of England. no biggie though. it’s casual.


Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!




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