Christian Dior’s famous pink house

[I can’t believe i have gone over a month without posting. I’m so sorry to my devoted fans (my parents) who check my blog in the hopes that i have posted. no…i didn’t…but i’m back now! and I will continue where I left off.]


We went to Christian Dior’s childhood home and explored the “Monte Carlo of the North” aka Granville. I was like “oooOoOOOooh” when I heard that description and yes, it really was that beautiful.

So we get to Granville and our first stop is lunch, naturally. And for lunch guess what I got, guess what I got. I GOT MUSSELS. The bowl served was bigger than my head and yea…I demolished it….hahahahaha. (btw, Granville is France’s leading exporter of shellfish so…you guessed it. IT WAS FRESH AND GR8).

I am proud and impressed and disappointed in myself, all at the same time for eating all of those mussels. But they were SO FREAKIN GOOD that I have no regrets.

And they were so tasty like…how could I stop??

After lunch, I explored the beach of Granville which still had man-made harbors from before World War 2, which was pretty cool.

After this, Doris drove us to Christian Dior’s childhood home and we explored the garden. Unfortunately, the home was between expositions so we couldn’t go in (booooo). Buuut doris said we may come back in the spring so ya know… maybe another day  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The garden however was really interesting all by itself! It had these boxes with various Dior fragrances inside, a mini maze, a rose garden, and a spectacular view of the ocean. To be honest, the garden and the pink house just screamed “PRIVILEGE” to me. But the legacy Christian Dior has created has surpassed his upbringing and I respect his work nonetheless (duh).

And with that…I conclude the adventures in Granville.

Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!



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