paris is always a good idea


We started Tuesday with an early morning train to Caen, then from Caen a bus to Paris (the fare was 24€ round-trip! Imagine going to Paris for a 13$ ticket!…plus of course the airfare to get to Normandy in the first place…but that’s besides the point).

Our first stop was to go to the Arc de Triomphe and let me tell you. When we arrived at the bus station, I hadn’t really seen much of the Paris that you see in the books. It was more modern and less traditional. But once we emerged from the subway….OHMYGOD. The first thing I saw was the corner of the arc and there was this fluttery feeling in my stomach as I saw the arc slowly get bigger. It’s what I imagine grooms and brides feel when they see their partner coming down the aisle. Yes it was that special.

When I finally got to face the arc and roundabout square on, I just kept thinking to myself “I can’t believe this is real. Me. Here. Looking at the Arc.” I (of course) took selfies with it. While standing there, the motorists started honking their horns in that BEEP-BEEP-beepbeepbeep pattern. Did you sing it in your head the way I meant it? Good. One person started it and soon 4 other motorists joined in! It was so funny to see these people come together for a bit of entertainment for the tourists.

After this, we took a bus down the Champs-Élysées to the Tuileries Garden and Luxor Obelisk. I had a grand ole time exploring the park full of art installments and statues and highly recommend the Garden as a place for sitting and doing nothing. really. just relax!

Then we walked to the Eiffel tower with nothing but the tower in our sight as navigation.

Let me say this, if you are far enough away from the tower to think “hm that’s kinda big but like…not HUMONGOUS” you are really really far away. But nevertheless it was a really fun (albeit arduous) walk to the tower. I got to see so much more of Paris while on foot.

Before we made it to our final destination however, we stopped for a linner just around the corner from the tower, at the Cafe de Paris. So you know it was authentic. Doris and I both had steaks and espressos. I have never felt so #blessed and like #eurotrash. (i’m kidding, i’m kidding…)

Finally, we faced the Eiffel tower and i could see the base peeking from behind the trees (eeeeeeep!). Sadly I didn’t go up in the tower (todayyy wink wink) because it started to rain and was super cloudy. But I did have a movie moment when we hopped into a bus to escape the rain (and ride to the youth hostel where we were staying) and I looked out the window to see a rain drop speckled view of the Eiffel Tower.  *sheds a tear*

I’ll wrap this up with this list of the rest of the days events. We went to (the):

  • Seine
  • Youth Hostel (!next to the Louvre!)
  • Souvenir shops
  • Crepe shop (yup yup that’s right. Crepes in Paris!)


And finally, if you have made it this far, I encourage you to listen to this song so you can truly feel a fraction of what my heart went through on this magical day. Just listen to that melody (•◡•)


Let me know if you have any questions about what’s up. Or just tell me things in general!




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